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about W&W

why With and Within was born

In March 2010, after the birth of her third child, Paola had an idea. Instead of finding just another job she began thinking about a project that would not only value her intelligence, skills and creativity, but would also justify the time spent away from her family. Her idea was simple: to create a global forum for women and mothers, like herself, to share their passions and abilities. She believes that dreams are worth pursuing and that together women around the world can be limitless in what they create.

the goals of With and Within

To help women manage life’s personal, social, professional and financial challenges
To provide creative solutions in times of economic uncertainty
To show that women possess a wide range of abilities and potential, most of which is often underutilized in the work environment
To create a place where it can all come together

about our brand

The phrase With and Within came to us when we thought about what it means to be a woman. Each of us has many women within her, those that have gone before. W&W is a network of social and professional empowerment. We each belong within it and how we use the opportunities presented to us defines what W&W is.
And in thinking about those women who have come before, we created our pink ribbon symbol. Born from the beloved Italian tradition of placing a pink ribbon on a family’s front door in celebration of a newborn girl, it reminds us that together, in sisterhood, no obstacle can limit our course, or the path we blaze for new generations.

our matryoshkas

A Matryoshka doll, or Russian nesting doll, is a symbol of one woman who holds many others within her. Each woman represents many women, many lives and many possibilities. The Matryoshka is not only a woman, but also a maternal vessel with limitless potential locked inside of her.
We have reinterpreted the traditional Russian Matryoshka, tied so closely to that country’s history and culture. Eight dolls were born. They represent women belonging to different histories, countries and cultures:
The Muslim, the Chinese, the Japanese, the African, the Latina, the Scandinavian, the Western and the Indian.
All seemingly different in appearance, language and culture, but absolutely alike as women and mothers.

our adage “Use your talents, follow your dreams”

This saying inspires us to discover what we, as women and mothers, have in common, to make us proactive, to keep us moving. Each of us has our own goals that we can reach in the community of others.
Only our talents allow us to move forward, to connect us with our dreams and to unite us with our goals.