who am I?


I am Paola, Founder of WW. What can you say about me...I am an irreverent Tuscan woman, very hard working and very direct. In my impatient and disorganized way I have a specific goal to achieve and am focused. While I can't bear fake niceties which talk about silliness and fluff, or love instead of the animals we are, I see the funny side of people all the time. We can have so many original and funny ways of being - I yearn for women to express this part of themselves.




Paola WithandWithin, 09 April 2013 (11:06)

The idea for W&W sat for two years before I gained the courage to dream, design, and build this women’s only community.
Far from the noise, from what the world and common sense used to tell me to find a "real job"
I discovered my dream, an activity tailor-made for me.
Wearing my suit, my tuta, all day ...
I feel so comfortable. Even though
I’m not in my dress anymore.
My dream is,
a community where women and
mothers meet those who are
searching for what they want, and what they can dream.
A network where women can share, earn and swap whatever they desire-objects, time, stories,
experiences, skills and even
Dream big on W&W! And make that dream a reality.

Months and months slipped by, or better, were spent chained to my Tuta, to the point that it almost became a game with Alex ...And here I am in my Tuta again!
My transition away from my

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How and why Withandwithin has born

Paola WithandWithin, 09 April 2013 (10:12)

Hi Welcome!
I’m Paola, founder of Withandwithin, and would like to tell you more on how it all started and why I ended up here…
How WithandWithin started
I gave up my job just before my third child was born because, you know, American companies drain you to the limit. I was 43 and it was going to be my last chance to live through a pregnancy and I wanted to enjoy it. When Martino took his first steps I thought: ‘right then, let’s get back to work’.  
Markets just crashed, I had been away from the job market for 18 months, but felt the urge, income wise but also psychologically, to start again…
this got me thinking over the dramatic situation of many women, especially when they become mothers: being out of the job market if they decide to be present for their children, or facing the lack of flexibility from employers who do not recognise their needs, leaving mothers frustrated for bein...

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