who am I?


I am Paola, Founder of WW. What can you say about me...I am an irreverent Tuscan woman, very hard working and very direct. In my impatient and disorganized way I have a specific goal to achieve and am focused. While I can't bear fake niceties which talk about silliness and fluff, or love instead of the animals we are, I see the funny side of people all the time. We can have so many original and funny ways of being - I yearn for women to express this part of themselves.



Dove andare? Come attrezzarsi

Paola WithandWithin, 05 March 2014 (10:16)

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Alex Wolf, 19 April 2013 (16:18)

I love being inspired, the feeling when an idea breathes life into you. Your curiosity falls in love and fuels your passion, which reconnects you with what brings you joy. I am in the creative field so I spend most of my time getting inspired, but breathing that inspiration back into my life - my family, friends, and community can be challenging!

The engaged exhale of inspiration is where I find many women have trouble. We have so many different roles to play, ais we are often the central conductor of our relationships, families, households and often offices. Making time for what turns me on has to fight with other things I must do today, mundane things. Imagine if I had more time to follow these inspirations, I think to myself! That would be a beautiful life, no? Having more time for women is like pornography - a beautiful fantasy where we imagine everything we desire minus all the things which bore us.

Don't get me wrong, I love my work, b...

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